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Conferences & Education

Industry Networking Events

NAFED hosts Vendor Principal conferences that offer individual, private, closed-door sessions in a comfortable setting with group vendors, providing an excellent opportunity for dealers to build relationships with NAFED’s vendor partners. The individual sessions allow sufficient time for meaningful dialogue between our dealers and vendors.

Vendor-Specific, Product-Specific Training

NAFED hosts educational workshops with twenty-minute sessions and one-hour sessions. The twenty-minute sessions provide DSR's with training from many leading vendors, while the hour-long sessions allow for in-depth DSR training on complex product lines. These training sessions are a great opportunity to obtain high-quality training for both beginners and experienced sales personnel. NAFED also offers numerous other training opportunities with our major industry partners.

Funding The Future

NAFED supports higher education by offering educational scholarships to the children of NAFED dealer employees. Our cooperative believes in making this investment to help future generations achieve their personal and professional goals.




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