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What sets us apart

Consistently Higher Net Returns For Dealers

NAFED empowers dealers to create stronger, healthier businesses by returning 100% of all revenues that are generated by the group to the dealers. The group has competitive rebate programs with the industry’s leading vendors. NAFED also returns all incidental income that it earns back to the dealers according to a tier structure. This tier structure—recalculated annually—is based on member purchases through the group, which provides our dealers with a powerful incentive to direct their purchases to group vendors whenever possible and to grow their volume with the group.

Additionally, NAFED’s central office operating budget is among the lowest in the industry. These lower overhead costs combined with the group’s income-sharing structure results in consistently higher net returns for dealers.

Membership Camaraderie

Our membership is composed of traditional food equipment and supplies dealers. Because of the type of traditional dealers NAFED has attracted over the years, the group has a high degree of camaraderie and is very close-knit. This has allowed our group to maintain the openness that we’ve always enjoyed as we share best practices, market intelligence, sales volume data, and other information with each other.

Proven Dealer Quality

NAFED places a premium on our reputation for honesty and integrity. Our members are recognized throughout the industry and within their own communities as reputable, ethical dealers. We actively monitor the credit worthiness of our membership and are proud of our members’ strong reputations for timely payments to our vendor partners.

Dealer-Controlled Volume

NAFED’s dealers aren’t simply order takers—our members sell only the products and brands that they choose to sell. Because of our dealers’ business models and the composition of the group’s customer base, NAFED members are able to control their volume, which is a key factor in driving our vendor relationships. Vendors that truly partner with our dealers find that they reap significant rewards from those loyal dealer partnerships, as they capture and secure market share.


Rewarding Results: Vendor Medal Program

NAFED offers our vendors the opportunity to achieve Platinum, Gold, or Silver status. A vendor’s status is recalculated annually and is based on a composite weighted ranking score that includes the following factors: sales volume with the group, the number of members purchasing from the vendor, the program offered by the vendor, and a dealer satisfaction score based on annual membership surveys conducted by the group. Vendors achieving Platinum and Gold status are rewarded with discounts on flyer and catalog advertising as well as discounted conference costs. Conference invitations are also awarded based on status.






National Association of Food Equipment Dealers

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